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Dear Parents:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Jana Dan International School and trusting us with your children. We are all members of a school student body that are very proud of, and one that you can help make the best ever. We have some of the best facilities to be found, along with a strong, dedicated and enthusiastic faculty and staff. Jana Dan International school is establishing a fine reputation in all areas. You should dedicate yourself to continue on that reputation. You can make Jana Dan anything you want it to be.

Jana Dan International School is a living unit with its own values, character and spirit. The individuals in this unit operate within a system that allows them to work in unison and according to plan. The school has a Chairman, Principal, Superintendent, Educational Director, and instructors with a chain of command. Every individual should know where the authority for making decision lies, and should comply with the directions of that authority.

The image of the school is the product of the input of all the individuals who work or have worked for it. As an individual who is given a role in the Jana Dan International School, you will contribute to this image.

It is important for the school to work closely with the students and parents to achieve success. After all, building generations is not an easy task and requires all the dedication and effort one could give.

We promise you to do our best!

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