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Highlights :

Established:  2002 ; an Islamic Language school catering for students from

Kindergarten to Graduation age.


Location:  Altagmoa Al Awal, next to Mubarak Police Academy, New Cairo, Egypt.


Students:  2130 student from Kindergarten to Graduation age;390 Kindergarten student, 1128  Primary student, 395 Preparatory student,59 Secondary student and 99 IGSCE student.


Student Demographics:  45 percent female, 50 percent male; 5 percent IGCSE students

Average Class Size:  Primary 25  students; Secondary 25 students


Student/Teacher Ratio:  5 / 1.

Fully established, Manarat Al Farouk Islamic Language Schools continue to develop with increased specialist  teaching, the same unique Islamic identity as Al Farouk,

a strong Learning Development Department and the new section of the IGSCE.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a well-equipped qualified generation of pro-active “life makers” who possess the noble qualities of excellence in performance, creativity and maturity together with a  strong sense of responsibility enhanced with outstanding self expression and problem solving skills.

Our mission is to nurture the minds of our sons and daughters, the men and women who will eventually shape the future of our Islamic country Egypt, and to develop their characters and bodies with all the elements of excellence and success in life and the hereafter.

We are all committed to the fulfillment of our mission in an Islamic oriented community, valuing the essence of our religion as the source of all knowledge on earth.

To undertake this mission, the school is provided with highly qualified teachers and supervisors, administering a rich and strong syllabus to match our idea of education (our ideals and our models).

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