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Al Hoda Azhar Language Institute

Al Hoda Azhar Language Institute

Area: 6th October

Address Details: West of Sumed Dist.

School Attendance Type: External

School Start Age: Year: 3 Month: 0

School Languages: English Arabic French


School Certificates:






American High Diploma


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Contact Person: admin

Phone: 02 38368579/80/81/82

Hotline: 0127437908

Fax: 02 38368578


School Description:

Al Hoda Azhar Language Institute is an educational institute owned by Al Hoda Charitable association registered in the year 2002 with the registration no. 1670. It was especially registered with the aim of giving educational services - especially Azhar education - on the highest level. The use of the word "Institute" instead of "School" goes back to the fact that any school which follows Al Azhar Al Sharif system is called an "Institute".

The Institute is an Azhar Language School for boys and girls. It starts from the nursery stage up till the secondary stage. Classes are mixed till the end of the primary stage. Boys are separated from girls starting from primary five in separate classes but still they are in the same building. Then, starting from the preparatory stage they are put in separate buildings. Students are taught the same syllabus being taught in other governmental schools except for the addition of the curriculum of "keeping most of the Holy Quran by heart" in the primary stage and a simplified syllabus of shariea starting from the preparatory stage.

The Institute opened its gates in 2001/2002 with a total density of 29 students. Year after year this number increased gradually in the institute.

Education Fees: 7700

Bus Fees: 2200


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