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welcomes all visitors to take a tour inside our newborn website. Launched only a year after the school's inauguration in 2007, this site aims at acquainting all parents in the community to our educational approach, our activities, and our new building facilities. It embodies all that Brilliance Language School stands for, and projects a full image of all the efforts exerted by the managerial, teaching and administrative boards towards establishing a school that in theory as well as in practice offers unlimited educational and developmental opportunities to the new generations, and aims at creating an educational solution to those parents whose children's righteous upbringing create a lifetime mission.

Our Vision

Brilliant edification is our path towards raising a generation of individuals who'd be solid in conviction , consistent in character , rich in knowledge as well as armed with multiple life skills. Those individuals are not to reach at their intended potentials unless they are well trained on negotiation , decision making , tolerance of others in order to have all their abilities entwined into a meaningful global achievement.
Above all , as they pursue their success in life , they are to keep a deep-rooted sense of their original identity.

Why B.L.S

What does a parent search for as he's seeking for his child's education?

  • With the number of schools available in the community, it does constitute a challenge. But coming to think about it, one finds that options are not that vast after all! It actually depends on what you wish to raise your child to.
    Is it the acquisition of more than one foreign language?
    Is it an abundance of common knowledge?
    Is it character building?
    Is it the mutual cooperation between school and parents for the child's best interest?
    Is it the availability of various activities for the child to practice?
    Is it the heartfelt attention to the child's psychological needs?
    Is it exposure to the latest technological facilities?
    Is it the ethical base and the excellent educational standard?
    Is it the selection of well-trained teachers and a competent well experienced managerial board?
    Is it the child's enjoyment throughout the learning process?
    Is it the spacious playgrounds and the up-to-date facilities?
    And then above all, is it the preservation of all spiritual and religious values?
    Aren't those the most essential elements that make schooling valuable?
    Well, if so, the question is answered!
    All are the basic elements of the brilliant edification presented to our beloved children at B.LS.

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