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Vision and Mission

MNS Vision
The Maadi Narmer School students will be prepared for success in the 21st century. This will be accomplished by exposure to technology, hands-on learning, and active involvement in the learning process.  The educational process will be designed to address individual differences while focusing on the belief that all students are capable learners.  All students will be educated in a safe and secure environment that promotes responsibility, manners, creativity, self esteem, and communication.  Parents, community and culture will have an important role in this process.

MNS Mission
The Maadi Narmer School aims to fulfill the different individual needs for quality learning, acquisition of knowledge & skills, and cultural development. By providing motivation for student excellence, MNS will achieve international standards and assist members of the community to reach their full potential as productive members of a changing society.

MNS Objectives
1. To create a cultural and educational environment best suited to build a rounded personality for the student
2. To develop student skills and build creative minds to serve the society.
3. To prepare new generations equipped with the tools of modern knowledge in order to interact with the advanced technology of the 21st century.
4. To strengthen the student's sense of patriotism and the feeling of national affiliation.
5. To deepen religious beliefs and strengthen the ethical personality of the student.

MNS Services to Meet Its Objectives

1. Modern methods of teaching and instructional aids provided by qualified Egyptian and foreign teachers.
2. Library and computers occupying an important part in the school's educational system.
3. Field trips and cultural seminars and programs introducing the Egyptian civilization and heritage as part of the school curriculum.
4. The close relationship and understanding that develops between teachers and students based on the optimum number of class formation.
5. The sports fields and playgrounds that help up-grade the student’s level of achievement and develop student physical fitness.

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