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Mansoura College Language Schools

Area: Mansura

Address Details: Demiatta High Road

School Attendance Type: External

School Start Age: Year: 3 Month: 0

School Languages: English French German

School Certificates:







American High Diploma

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Contact Person: Mohamed Lotfy

Phone: 050 2540003-9

Fax: 050 2540001

To all those interested in quality education:

It is my pleasure and honour to introduce the Website of Mansoura College through which you can get acquainted with the distinguished educational services offered by our various departments. These services meet the world standards as the administration of our schools implements an advanced level of technology. Our objective has always been to offer our sons and daughters an educational basis that boosts their self confidence so they can meet the challenges of the age and be well- prepared to exchange knowledge and skills with their peers all over the globe.

Mansoura College is dedicated to providing all students with an equal opportunity to pursue their education and nurture all aspects of academic integrity, civility, self – respect and self – realization. We foster the journey towards self – exploration to promote the sense of pride in one’s identity and heritage, thus instilling a deep sense of belonging to our country as well as adequate awareness of the culture of the other.

Mansoura College believes in stressing academic excellence, personal and social development through its programs. It is committed to the provision of high quality education in a supportive and caring environment where moral values and mutual respect are the bases of all relationships regardless of heritage, colour or creed.

Therefore, the school is keen to offer a variety of disciplines that encourage self – expression, creativity and mastery of basic skills required for higher education.

Currently, the school offers programs of the national system together with the American Diploma and the British IGCSE. Recently, we have started Grade 8 checkpoint and Grade 9 Pre IGCSE.

Mansoura College aims to:

1 Provide learners with accelerated, enriched education.
2 Help learners to apply and transfer knowledge.
3 Encourage creativity and development of cognitive skills.
4 Develop speaking and communication skills.
5 Encourage leadership and personality development.
6 Provide a secure, well equipped, healthy and stimulating environment.
7 Promote the confidence and self-esteem of all staff and learners.
8 Foster the culture of the other, recognizing that all individuals share equal value and status.
9 Develop independence and resourcefulness, and nurture creativity.
10 Encourage high standards of achievement for all through broad, balanced and rigorous curricula, thus empowering learners to work purposefully and co-operatively.

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