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Our Mission :

Al-Andalus Azharian Language Schools is dedicated to providing our students with .... more

Our Vision:

Our school adopts a systematic pre-planned approach balancing between an academic curriculum and extra- curricular activities..... more

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Al-Andalus Azharian Language Schools is dedicated to providing our students with a balanced curriculum that is Islamically orientated and academically rich, to raise generations that are devoted to Allah, Our Creator.

In this we continuously seek guidance from the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah. We believe in establishing a caring and supportive, Islamic environment that supports the intellectual social and behavioral development of our students. Within an environment that focuses on ‘tarbiyyah’ and ‘taleem’, we utilize up to date technology and the finest resources, to raise students well equipped to interact in an ever changing world.

Our Vision

· Our school adopts a systematic pre-planned approach balancing between an academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

· We strive for the highest expectations in academic and personal development for both teachers and students.

· We continuously seek improvement by keeping up to date with current international development to advance in modern technology and education (tarbiyyah + taleem).

· Our school policies support and guide our working environment, team efforts and personal growth.

· By applying time management skills, we promote quality teaching and education.

· We consistently aim for our students to enjoy their learning process and consider their individual needs.

· We believe in building a strong and respectful, mutual teacher-student relationship,that guides students to strengthen their self-esteem, self confidence and self control, and to respect the opinion of others Insha’Allah .


• To provide opportunities for the students to develop an inquiring mind capable of rational and creative thinking and able to make informed judgment.

• To emphasis and model those fundamental values/principles of conduct that cross religious boundaries such as honesty, truth, responsibility, etc.

• To provide a safe and stimulating learning environment.

• To employ qualified, dedicated, and committed faculty and staff.

• To establish a larger and more convenient school premises with support facilities – computer lab, science lab, gym, and a play-field.

• To promote clubs – debating, Quran, speech, literary.

• To encourage healthy competition– athletics and games, Quran, debate, literary.

• To provide individualized attention and guidance to meet the needs and to develop the potential of individual student.

• To challenge all students to excel academically and, model the behaviors expected of responsible citizens.

• To take time to listen to our students’ ideas and opinions and valuing them as individuals, as well as giving attention to the student’s individual academic, social and physical needs.

• To have a strong bond between parents and the school; involving parents in regular meetings, sending out correspondence, monthly magazines and event programs and inviting parents to open days and to take part in quality surveys.

• To adopt as the central objective the development of the whole child which encompasses the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, linguistic, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical needs of students.

• To challenge each student to be an inquiring, knowledgeable, respectful, independent learner who strives for individual excellence.

• To place the child’s experience at the heart of the learning process, emphasizing how students learn as a complement to what they learn.

• To communicate actively with parents and encourage parental support in the education of their children.

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